How do you pronounce your brand name?

Yvearay is pronounced as ah-var-ray

What makes your product any different to the other ones on the market?

Yvearay is a luxury brand with high integrity and our core values are important, which means ensuring high quality and making sure our products help our customers is what we strive to achieve as a brand. It's about finding solutions to our customers needs. That's why your feedback is important to us.

Are Yvearay products organic?

Our products have organic and natural ingredients combined with active ingredients, to ensure performance and results that rejuvenate and enhance the longevity of your skin. We do not use any harsh or harmful chemicals in our products. Our products are not only safe from damaging and dangerous ingredients but they aim to heal and nurture your skin.

We will be introducing an organic range in our later releases however as part of our core values we want to ensure our products are effective so the 'organic' label is not what is important to us.

Do natural ingredients really work?

It is all about the balance and the right formulation whether it is natural or not is not the only thing that is important. There is a big myth that everything natural is good. Some natural ingredients offer a great deal of positive attributes but so do careful selection of non natural - active ingredients. It's all about getting the right combination that is right for your skin type and that it has properties that are not harmful to your skin. 

Do you have any bad chemicals in your products?

No, we have ensured that we have worked hard to develop formulas that avoid bad chemicals that are bad for the skin and body instead we use natural and organic ingredients with a combination of active ingredients that are effective to ensure results and look after your skin. 

How long will it take to see results?

Everyone's body is different and so are our lifestyles but if you continue to apply consistency and you have a well balanced, nutritional diet you can see results as quickly as a few weeks and or months, years. The longer you apply it for and the more consistently that you do, you should see the desired results within 3-6 months. Our products are all about 'effective' results, not temporary quick fixes, our aim is to provide long term, permanent health for your skin. Everyone's skin is different, and the severity of those issues also will impact the duration of the results but we can promise that you will see results.

Can your products be taken orally?

All our products to be applied externally unless specified. We will be introducing nutrients and vitamins which are to be consumed orally.

Are Yvearay Products suitable for women who are Pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, our products are completely safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeed. However please check the individual product details as we do have products with added strength which may not be suitable. 

Do you use any harmful ingredients or preservatives?

We only use ingredients that are safe and the ingredients are non toxic. We use several plant based preservative systems dependent on the product. This includes small concentrations of natural plant based alcohol and extracts, native Australian extracts, vitamin E and natural antioxidants. Preservation is necessary and is there to protect the end user from harmful yeasts, moulds and bacteria.

Do you test on Animals?

No, definitely not. We love animals and have ensured our products are not tested on animals.

Is this product vegan friendly?

Yes we are! We want to make sure that are products are suitable to our customers so we have taken care of what goes into our products.

Do you use any synthetic perfumes?

We use little to no fragrances in our products. The products that do have fragrances are all natural and are used sparingly to ensure that our products suits sensitive skin.

How long do your products last for?

For maximum efficacy and freshness, we recommend our products are used within 6-12 months of opening. When our unopened products are stored correctly (in a dry, cool place out of light) they are "safe" to use within 18 months of manufacture. As we use natural ingredients in our formulation the Ingredients are at their best when fresh and not heavily preserved. 

Where are our products made?

All our products are manufactured in Australia, we use a number of various manufacturers around Australia depending on our product range or collection. We ensure our team, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are carefully selected to maintain and uphold the high calibre and integrity of the brand.