Born from a desire to give women the best in beauty, health and wellness, YVEARAY brings luxury, confidence and indulgence to every aspect of your life. Launching with our exclusive skincare range, we will soon introduce nutrition and luxury lifestyle products and services for you to treat yourself or someone special.

All our products are created, formulated and produced right here in Australia. We use only high-quality natural and active ingredients because ensuring your health and wellbeing is our mantra. Our range will bring luxury to even the smallest moments of your life with results and benefits that you can see and feel.



AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED - As a 100% Australian-owned company, we are proud that our entire range designed, formulated and produced right here in Australia. We are passionate about conceiving, designing and creating the best line of luxury products possible, and we review every individual product source, ingredient, formulation and manufacturing process ourselves.

LUXURIOUS QUALITY - We’ve made no compromises in the quality and feel of our products, using only the finest, natural, high quality ingredients and materials so you can treat yourself or those you love. Our skincare products have a combination of active ingredients to ensure health and wellness yet still providing dynamic results.

BEAUTY MADE SIMPLE - Forget about the long tedious skincare routine, and the volume of different products you need to use. Yvearay is about keeping it simple. We have formulations to target the areas you want in our 'all in one' solutions. Less is more.

RESULTS - Luxury that works. Our skincare range is beautifully simple and aims to leave your skin rejuvenated and works on any problem areas. Our products are about nurturing your inner and outer beauty and providing a flawless elegance.



Our skincare collection is the heart of our range. The rich, luxuriant creams will soothe and treat your skin and body with every use. Our unique formulas are created right here in Australia, they are tested to the highest standards and feature natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

Our Skincare Range includes:

Classic Range

  • Lotions: Our all in one lotions to enhance your beauty to flawless levels for all skin types
  • Protectors: Additional layer of protection for your skin
  • Luxwash: A decadent body wash that will spoil you all over with every shower.

Exclusive Range

  • Serums (Trilixirs): All in one serum, lotion and mask to target specific skin types
  • Treatments (Elixirs): Tackle problem areas and rejuvenate your skin.

Luxury Range

  • Lotions: High end luxury skincare only available to exclusive customers with our unique formulation





Animal Cruelty Free and Vegan Safe


Our products are vegan-friendly. Our formulas are not tested on animals and contain no animal products.


Natural Ingredients



Where possible, we have used organic or natural ingredients, and any other ingredients are used to enhance and rejuvenate your skin cells.


Gluten Free


For those who are allergic to gluten our products are can be specially catered for you, all our products are gluten free.


Safe for Pregnant Women


Our skincare products are safe for women who are either pregnant or breast feeding. For any oral-based products, please check individual product descriptions for suitability.


No Synthetic Fragrances


We use natural fragrances in all our products and they are used at a minimal level to preserve the effectiveness of the formulation.


Natural Based Preservative


We have used organic, natural or plant-based preservatives where possible to retain the integrity of our products.


No Harsh Chemicals


We avoid harmful and unnecessary ingredients such as Parabens, Sulfate, Palatalates, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, and MEA/DEA/TEA/EDTA.