Period Skin is Real

Whether you’ve just gotten your period or you are shifting through menopause, your skin type changes constantly throughout each cycle. And there are plenty more factors that can change your skin. From stress to hormones, age, and even medication, these can cause ups and downs in your skin’s appearance.


In this article, we’re giving you the breakdown of your cycle, the causes that change your skin’s conditions, and how period skin is real. You’ll also learn about the skincare advice we give you to manage your skin throughout your entire cycle.


Hormones and oily skin

Hormones are a significant cause of the many changes that your skin goes through. But it can notably cause oily skin. We have what are called sebaceous glands in our skin. And these are parts of the skin that have receptors influenced by sex hormones.


When we hit puberty, our sebaceous glands increase in size. The oily substance called sebum is secreted through our glands most prominently between the ages of 15 and 35. When sebum production increases, this causes excess oil in our skin, which is what tends to result in acne breakouts.


Throughout our menstrual cycle, sebum production varies. And our estrogen levels are known to affect the indications of oily skin.


How estrogen plays a role in your skin’s health

For reasons on how estrogen affects sebaceous glands is not well known. But it does play a major role in your skin’s health. Estrogen links to various changes in our skin, including an increase in collagen production, skin thickness and hydration, and even improvements in the skin’s barrier function.


Why do you break out during your cycle?

You know you are getting your menstrual cycle when you start to break out more often than usual. And because high levels of androgens promote an increase in sebum production, the combination of sebum and dead skin cells within the pores can cause a blockage. Once the pore traps excess sebum, this produces acne.


Just know, you aren’t alone when it comes to breakouts during your cycle. Period-related acne is common, especially during the pre-menstrual phase.


Other things that happen to your skin during the menstrual cycle

Aside from breaking out during your period, sweat and dry skin occur too.


Sweat happens when you’ve got your period. And basal body temperature is what causes this. During the luteal phase (the second half of your period) research shows that women produce more sweat, especially when exposed to warmer weather.


For when you’ve got dry skin during your menstrual cycle, this is more likely to happen in the colder seasons and dry weather. This condition is why you must switch up your skincare routine during the seasonal changes.


How to care for your skin during your menstrual cycle

With menstrual-cycle breakouts, it easily influences us to pile on more makeup. But if you follow these tips for healthy skin, you’ll be sure to have glowing skin in time.


So, ditch the makeup and trade it in for a peel or facial mask so that you can allow your skin to breathe. Keep dry skin hydrated with moisturizers and a toner after washing your face. Have a healthier diet, drink more water, and exercise whenever you can. These actions can help you achieve your healthiest skin goals in the future.