A simple skincare routine for a busy lifestyle!

Often, when juggling a myriad of professional tasks and household chores, the idea of building a skincare routine can seem quite daunting. However, this is mostly because we’ve all been exposed to complex 10-step beauty regimes peddled by the media. What if we told you that building an effective skincare routine is much easier (and you’ll only need 3-4 steps based on your skin type)?

Here’s a quick look into a fantastic skincare routine for working professionals with a busy lifestyle!


Any skincare routine starts with cleansing because you need to clean dirt and accumulated oils from your face before doing anything else. Now, the effectiveness of this step depends on a few factors:

  • Your skin type – products are often formulated to address different skin types. If your cleanser does not match your skin’s needs, you won’t get the best use out of it. We’ve addressed ingredients to look out for based on your skin type in a previous blog – check it out to pick the perfect cleanser!
  • Your makeup habits – if you wear makeup and sunscreen, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to double cleanse in order to take off the products. For double cleansing, you should pick a cleansing balm that’s design to melt away products. Then, go in with your other face wash.



Using a serum ensures that your skin gets the nourishment that it needs. If you are too busy for a serum, you can skip this step provided that your moisturizer is a heavy-duty one. However, serums have gained a ton of popularity within the skincare community for a reason – they work!

Based on the needs of your skin, you can choose hydrating serums with hyaluronic acid, serums that address acne, blackheads and pigmentation (by picking a product with niacinamide in it) and even serums that add collagen to the skin to reverse signs of ageing.

Applying a serum properly does not take more than a minute, which is why we’d suggest you don’t skip this step!


Finally, the last and most important part of your skincare regime – moisturising. A good moisturiser not only hydrates and softens your skin, but also locks in the products you’ve previously applied. Pat the product into your skin to ensure penetration.

Bonus tips for an advanced regime!

If you want your skincare to be slightly more advanced, you can add a few steps once or twice a week. Exfoliate your skin with a good exfoliating product twice a week, wear a clay mask to detoxify your skin at least once, and end your regime with a hydrating mist every day!

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